Posted by: WebHobbit | January 13, 2008

I’m with Fred…

Fred Thompson

Well I think this crappy “race” has gone on long enough for me to officially back someone. There is ONLY ONE true conservative that has a shot at the 2008 Presidential election and that is Fred Thompson. He is STRONG on guns:

I strongly support the Second Amendment of the Constitution, which protects an individual’s right to keep and bear arms. Gun control is touted as a major crime-control measure. But some of the places with the strictest gun-control laws also have high violent-crime rates. Disarming law-abiding citizens does not prevent crime. The answer to violent crime is smart, effective, and aggressive law enforcement. The real effect of these gun-control measures is to place onerous restrictions on law-abiding citizens who use firearms for such legal activities as self-defense, sport-shooting, hunting, and collecting. I am committed to:

* Strictly enforcing existing laws and severely punishing violent criminals.
* Protecting the rights individual Americans enjoy under the Second Amendment.

He’s also correct on taxes and many other issues. See here for more. I just hope he didn’t wait around too long for this to work out. I am afraid he has so I’m also listing my other picks in case he doesn’t make it.

HuckabeeRudyMittMcCainRon Paul

If/when Fred is out then my picks would go like this:

  1. Mike Huckabee – he’s charismatic and correct on a lot of issues. I also hear Chuck Norris will come to your house and KICK YOU IN THE FACE if you vote for any other candidate! His “fair tax” idea is intriguing but I worry a federal consumption tax may be a bit harsh on the lower middle-class and below folks.
  2. Rudy Giuliani – he’s a cool guy (come on, he hosted SNL!). I like him a LOT. I think he would make a fantastic Secretary of State or something…BUT he is very liberal on a lot of the issues. He is pretty anti-gun and that is a HUGE show-stopper for me. But he is smart, likable and way better than Hillary or Obama.
  3. Mitt Romney – If you watch the debates the guy just seems too “smarmy” to me. I don’t trust him. He is a John Kerry class flip-flopper. But alas he too is a better choice than Hillary or Obama.
  4. John McCain – I just don’t trust the guy. He voted for that awful amnesty bill and he has a record of some rather nefarious dealings. But again he is a better choice than Hillary or Obama.
  5. Ron Paul – I actually agree with an awful lot of what this guy says. Much of his beliefs echo my own libertarian leanings. The problem is the guy comes off as a world-class LOON when ever he speaks. For this reason and his sometimes racist commentary he just lacks credibility and is probably unelectable. Even with all that baggage I would STILL choose him over Hillary or Obama.

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