Posted by: WebHobbit | September 6, 2007

Back from the Hack…

Well here I am starting all over again. I been blogging since before they called it “blogging”. It sucks but at the same time sort of liberating in a bizarre way.

I was the victim of a hack. Someone with a lot of time on their hands decided to take down my little blog formerly installed on my own domain at

I’m not sure WHY they did this. There was no profit to be made from this invasion and I’m “usually” not controversial enough to warrant hatred strong enough for someone to destroy 7 years of my writing. I guess maybe they were bored?? I dunno. Like I said it sucks. A lot of memories were contained in those 118 posts. I do have a back-up file that has most of my stuff in it. All but the last 4 months or so. But I think I am tired of putting forth the effort required to host/configure a blog myself. So I don’t think I’m going to bother setting up again and restoring the old database. Maybe it’s time for a new beginning. And this time I’ll let manage and host my ramblings. The setup feels just like my own hosted WordPress install so far.

I may rebuild/rewrite some of the pages I had before -the Comic Cover Scanning Guide…the About page, etc. But basically this will be a new version of the Hobbit Hole.


  1. Damn Lar! Maybe it’s was some of those freedom hating Chinese basktards..!
    Possibly some pallet pooping vigalante?
    I got it..those damn corporate LOTR guys running some program that eats up any reference to the hob!!


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